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1959 Chevy Pickup

This is my orange 1959 Chevy pickup, which I have had for over 40 years. As you can see, it has a long Fleetside bed. Under the hood is the 396 my brother and I built back in high school! I rebuilt the engine in the mid 1990s. Also has a switch pitch TH400, and a 3.54 posi Dana 60 rearend. I've gotten a 14.22 second ET out of it on the dragstrip. The wheels are Shelby "CAL 500", and seem to be made just to fit this truck.

See the how the truck was in the 1970s

and the 1980s

and the 1990s

In 2005 it had an untimely meeting with the back of a minivan. I got to do some collision repair, as well as some other updates. I put in a 454, rewired the truck, and repainted the front sheetmetal.