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Day 4 of the Hot Rod Power Tour 1997--Denver, Colorado, May 11

a pic for my friends who drive UPS trucks.

In the morning, we met this guy, Jeff Koch. He had just started working at Hot Rod, and was wondering if he could go with us until the next gas stop. So I said sure, and he got to drive. Jeff is a big guy, and Ross is a big guy, and the springs on the 55 were a bit short, so the lower control arm bump stops had some trouble coping with the 85 mph driving that Jeff is so fond of. Fortunately they had some on the Clasic Chevy trailer and we put them in at Goodland.

A small town gas stop.


They stopped to rejet for the hills. That's an advantage of living at 4500 ft, this was not a problem for me.

brrrr! this is near Vail.

Red chevies stopping to enjoy the scenery.

It was cold! good thing my heater works.

This is how Nick dealt with problems...load up the car, and fix it at the next stop.

Looks like Hot Rod photographer Scott Kileen.

A typical exit ramp. Back then the cars mostly stayed together, and we took over the local gas stations at the planned stop.

Another beater...yeah!

it's snowing?

Mark Stielow's car...a really wild pro touring Camaro. I just had to get a pic of it with the litter inside, you don't see that in the magazines too often.

Mark McPhail's Chevy, I think. The oil pan is just asking for trouble.

A wild 54.

Pro Street was still alive and well in the late 90s.

The gassers were starting to make a comeback.

Next stop Goodland, Kansas.