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Day 5 of the Hot Rod Power Tour 2004

Where are we today? Oh, it's Wednesday? Ok, we're in Davenport, Iowa.

Looking out the window in the moring before leaving St Louis

It rained! a lot.

Hey, Don!

Last year, we saw a PBS show on how this bridge was built.

Ever get the feeling you're being followed? He turned off.

Don't see this at the gas station every day...

We got to meet a fellow oletrucker in West Burlington, Iowa, named Pat. Here's the 58 pickup he's working on. It is for sale, but he's like to finish it if possible. It was nice to take a detour from the mob of hot rods and visit a friend! Thanks.

Pat at home, I hope he liked the little burnout I left in the street!

The temperature gage was happy today.

This is the sign we were looking for! The fellow in the Vette (485 hp) asked yesterday if my 55 was for sale, but it's not.

In case you're trying to find me at the show, this is what I look like. Also Gary, and my car. My name is Jim, don't be shy, say hi! I had 4 people recognize my car today and ask if I was the one putting the pics up on this page.

Be sure to ask about my watch too.

Dinner was great, thanks Edelbrock

Here's Rich's Tbird

Gary and Steve got to be props in a possible cover shot (of the overkill Nova). fun!!!!!!

I finally found some more nuts from Arizona. We all parked real close together, by chance.

A great PT story...the Vette next to us at the hotel in Tulsa (?) was getting broken into by the towing company because the owner locked the keys in it. Here he and the towing guy are trying to get the slim jim out, after I used my 59 truck key in the other door and just unlocked it in a second. oops! should have called me first! Good thing he has a sense of humor.

Saw this black land yacht cruisin to the hotel...sounds wicked!

Here's Yenko Bill, with the only Yenko 427 SC 68 Chevelle in existence! of course he had to build it himself, in the hot rod tradition. He also stopped to help the guy with the beautiful blue Mustang that quit running.

We decided the coil was bad, and they showed up with the new one just as we were leaving. I ought to check the parking lot and see if he got it running again!

Wouldn't you know it, just before the guys got back with the coil, the MSD 55 drove by! and stopped at the liquor store next door! Yes, the broken car has an MSD system. Here is the 55 going night night at the hotel.

The Budget Beater (which I saw on the beginning of the 96 PT) was at the front of the hotel. It's Pro Beater VS. Budget Beater. What's the difference? Pros can afford to use primer, while budgets get raw steel.

Tomorrow we go to the Chicago area. See ya!