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Day 4 of the Hot Rod Power Tour 2004

A long warm day!

We didn't go to the meeting, but maybe we should have

This vette was next to us at the motel the night before, I tried to help with his overheating problem.

We finally stopped to see some of the cars driving by--big mistake when we got stuck in traffic later!

These Aussies stopped there too--more later!

Not every day you see a saguaro in the Ozarks

The lunch stop at Lake of the Ozarks park was great--a hot dog never tasted so good

Rich and (?) and Steve and (?) (sorry!) were in that Aussie Falcon, they melted a throttle cable while stuck in traffic. We helped them get it working again, and recieved a really neat Cruzin magazine as thanks, which has a story of the Australian Supercruise that Steve helped set up. Thanks! The kids are Steve and Gary, who you've seen before.

The kids got to skiip rocks in the lake

CAught a glimpse of a 56 Plymouth custom.


Finally got parked at Gateway race track. This is my 55, in case you haven't figured it out yet.

We saw a striped tomato clone

Guess where we ate dinner?

We left just as the cars were arriving.

Davenport Iowa tomorrow. whew!