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Day 1 of the Hot Rod Power Tour 1997--Los Angeles, California

Ross is driving, I'm navigating. We're somewhere in the vacant wonderland between Sierra Vista, AZ and Los Angeles.

We're at the parking garage of the Petersen Museum, on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles. This is the 57 Chevy that was featured in a bunch of build articles in the magazine. I never saw it again till the 1998 tour.

The Prowlers were out in force! I believe they were all pre-production models, or maybe the first batch. One went on the trip, as I recall.

Bisquick, or however it's spelled. Gues who built it? Beautiful workmanship, and it had a huge engine. I never understood why they used the really ugly sedan body, but then I'm not a pro builder.

More of the same. This was about the beginning of the huge wheel fad, which is still going strong.

This is traditional...before it became popular.

Another neat old hot rod, Ardun equipped.

I think this is an L88 vette, inside the museum.

Next stop Las Vegas, Nevada.