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Day 2 of the Hot Rod Power Tour 2004

Tulsa, Oklahoma

The car's been working fine, so we just drive and have fun! Traffic was a bit heavy out of Arlington, but we got to Tulsa about 3 and missed out on the big traffic jam, it took some guys an hour to get into the venue. Some overheating was going on, too! especially a certain 300K convert with the long ram intake setup.

Met up with Rich with the flamed dual quad Y block 55 T bird today. Oops I forgot to get a pic of his car!

nifty 61 Impala bubbletop, one of two I've seen here.

overflow parking at the drivers meeting this morning

all the drivers

look mom, a Prowler!  Gary saw two others yesterday, and we saw two more later going the other way on the freeway.

Some of that traffic

An interesting sign

We're not the only ones enjoying a primer beater!

hey, Ed!

This gem was in the spectator parking lot

The dyno running.  Someone saw this pic on my raw pics page and liked did turn out nice! This is slightly cropped, the original is number 2043.

Dont see too many turbo Buick straight 8s!

One of the two other cars I saw with 1997 Power Tour long haul stickers in the window

The other one

See, you can put a big block in a late model truck!  this is a GM test vehicle, the engine is a 540.

Tomorrow, a short drive to Springfield, MO.