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Nevco Basketball Scoreboard

wouldn't this make a neat huge digital clock?

Doesn't everyone have an old scoreboard in their garage? This is a Nevco 2000.

The original controller appears to have been made in October 1983, per the date code on the back. Click to see a close up of the chips. It uses a Motorola 6802 microprocessor.

The replacement controller was made in 1999. It is much more sophisticated, with a scrolling LED array, and a battery to save the last game state.

This is the board in the new controller. It uses a Motorola 6809 microprocesor. click to see it close up.

this is the reciever board, it lives in the bottom of the scoreboard, and recieves the signal from a single coax line that connects to the controller.

More pics of the reciever board: one


and yet more, even better...after the board was removed

bottom scan

top scan





this is the lamp driver board, it connects to the reciever board.

This is the signal on that coax cable. See the pretty ones and zeros?

This is the same signal at one microsecond per division, and two volts per division vertical amplitude.

this appears to be the start signal, look at the center, it is missing a cycle.

This shows most of the numbers, except for zero. Notice that it's not really a seven segment display, there are wierd things going on with the corner bulbs. I suppose some wire chasing would help figure out how it works.