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Arizona Prowler cruise down Devils Highway

September 25-26, 2004

Here are a few pictures from our one-time use Circle K camera (forgot the real camera - oops!) Myself (Mom) and Gary (son) went on the cruise. Had a really great time and met some fantastic people

This (below) is on the drive to Salt River Canyon on Saturday.

The weather tunred wet when we reached Showlow. Below ... proof Prowlers don't melt in the rain <g>

A soggy day in Lakeside/Pinetop where we stopped for lunch. We even saw some snow on the ground. Took a drive past the Run to the Pines car show .. but it looked like a lot of participants had called it a day due to the weather - so we continued on towards Alpine with a stop at the HonDah Casino. Gary found an arcade game (Crusin' Exotica) which had a Prowler .. not as much fun as the real thing :) He said it was way too slow..

Sunday morning in Alpine before heading down Devil's Highway.

A view from a stop part way down the highway between Hannagen Meadow and Morenci.

Overlooking the mine in Morenci .. the end of the Devils Highway. From here it was on to Safford for lunch, where we broke off from the others and headed home via Wilcox.