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Heathkit HERO 2000 Robot

This is our Heathkit HERO 2000 robot, from around 1986-88 (seems some parts were replaced or serviced by Heathkit?).

Update: The battery came in the mail, so I installed it and brought HERO to life! Here's the first video

The arm needs work, one of the wrist cables is broken. I took it out so I could work on it, as well as the torso cable, which was off it's pulley, but is all better now. But he also needs a new battery, I ordered one online. Also the bottom side showing the drive base.

The Heathkit catalog from which it was ordered...cover, back cover, page 1, page 2.

More pictures of the insides....

The insides when I first opened him up.

The power supply and a Colson drive wheel. The angled rails across the back are for the docking charger.

After fixing the torso cable and cleaning him up a bit, and getting ready to open up the computer for the first time in a long time. The warranty sticker (gray top left) is intact! probably from being serviced by the factory.

The computer! I think the boards are from left to right: Memory, Arm Controller, Motor Controller, Floppy Controller, Interface (head), CPU. The processor is an 8088 as used by the old Heath/Zenith 151 series computers, as well as the IBM PC and XT that they are clones of.