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1957 Chevy One Ton Truck

It's done now. Has a mild 454, original 4 speed transmission, and high quality brushed on Rustoleum paint.

Delta Mark Ten CDI boxes.

The truck is making progress. Still has the tired 283, but now it has a 3/4 ton rearend from an 86 suburban, and a fleetside bed from a 59 chevy. I fixed the wiring, the front brakes, the drivers door, and several other things.

how it looked when I got it July 2010

I did get the old 283 running, by pouring some gas into the carb bowl and hotwiring it. Nees a fuel pump, at the least, to make it driveable. I also got the brakes to work, sort of, the pedal sinks to the floor. Needs some cylinder rubbers replaced.