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1955 Chevy Bread Truck

My first look at the truck. It was in St Johns, a long ways away.

Getting ready to haul it home with my 57 one ton pickup. It was an exciting trip.

Not a bad looking truck...I guess. I did some research and discovered the Parisian bread company was in California, and the American Body Company that build the truck was in Lynnwood. There are a few of these trucks still around, but not many.

The inside is rather Spartan. The body ribs are steel, the roof and side skin is aluminum, the side panels are plywood inside. The floor is made with old tongue and groove porch flooring.

I did get the old 305 running, by pouring some gas into the carb bowl and hotwiring it. Nees a fuel tank, at the least, to make it driveable. I also got the brakes to work, sort of. I also swapped in a later rear axle, from a late 60s one ton camper special.